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Coronavirus COVID-19 What You Need to Know.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has become an increasing problem in the whole world in general and in our lives in particular. With schools closing, some offices decided to work from home, and social distancing became a way of living, it is very hard to just ignore how bad this virus will affect our society. As all governments level have said it, it is the duty of each and every one call to follow the health professionals guidelines. Please, reach out to each other for any support or assistance.

Here are some links with all information and resources available:

Government of Canada:

Government of Alberta:

City of Edmonton:

Also, you can use to find out what benefits you are entitled to. This is Online great resource and benefit navigator that anyone can use to find out what governments benefits are awaiting in this crisis. Simply click on the link above, on "Browse " tab then select "COVID-19" for the most update information on financial supports. You can also learn about other benefits you may be eligible to by clicking on " Benefits for People in Edmonton".

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