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Burundian Community of Canada Alberta Bureau (BCCA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 and incorporated in August 2015. BCCA is registered under Alberta Society Act, carries out its activities, and strives to achieve its objectives that are consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and other Laws in force in Canada in general and Alberta in particular.


To support the resettlement and integration of Burundi Canadians in Alberta through educational, cultural, social, and economic aspects that contribute to the development and wellness of individual, family, and community.


Prepare and support youth to become good citizens, leaders, and future productive members of Canadian Society.


▪ To facilitate and promote the integration of new comers into the Alberta society;
▪ To promote solidarity and mutual support;
▪ To raise awareness of the trends of psychosocial problems such as, but not limited to parenting difficulties, drug abuse, school dropout, divorces … etc;
▪ To collaborate with other groups, organizations and communities who have similar objectives;
▪ To raise funds as tool for the Society to achieve its objectives through but not limited to membership, accepting donations, grants, legacies and inheritances;
▪ To be accountable of the society’s funds and use them only in the pursuit of the objectives listed above.

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